10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress Today

Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Over 90% of us report being stressed on a regular basis.

With our ever-changing lives, stress and anxiety are hitting harder than ever. And if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that stress will always be lurking around the corner. Our best defense against stress and anxiety? Building up a strong toolbox of go-to stress-relief techniques that we can turn to when times get tough.

Here are 10 easy ways to relieve stress that you can try today. Let’s de-stress!

1. Get a move on.
You likely know that exercise is essential for staying fit and healthy. But did you know that is one of the most effective ways to squash stress and anxiety both immediately and over time? Studies show that exercise is just as effective as some of the most commonly prescribed medications and has none of those pesky side effects. No need to transform into a gym rat overnight – even a brisk walk, quick dance session, or at-home yoga class will do the trick. Yoga might be one of the best ways to fight stress, as research shows it can lower cortisol levels, reduce blood pressure, and increase GABA (a neurotransmitter needed for good mental health).

2. Stop. Sit. Meditate.
Meditation is possibly one of the simplest ways to reduce stress and anxiety. It can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. The best stress-relief results come from regular practice, as the power to quiet the mind improves with consistency and time. Not sure how to start? Try listening to a guided meditation, practice deep breathing, or simply do something (like go for a walk or wash the dishes) mindfully.

3. Try acupressure.
Acupressure is an easy way to give yourself a mini self-care treatment. By applying pressure to certain points on the body, you can quickly calm the mind and melt tension. Try pressing on Kidney 1 (located in the middle of the sole of the foot) before bed to quell nighttime anxiety, or Yintang (between the eyebrows) to put the mental chatter on mute.

Tip: How to Relieve Stress Quickly

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4. Use aromatherapy to instantly relax.
Essential oils offer a powerful way to stop stress in its tracks by calming the brain. Diffuse a favorite scent through an oil diffuser, or carry your essential oil on the go for emergency stress relief. Here are some of the best essential oils for stress and anxiety:

• Lavender

• Peppermint

• Bergamot

• Rose

• Roman chamomile

• Neroli

• Frankincense

• Sandalwood

• Ylang ylang

• Orange/orange blossom

• Geranium

More Tips:

1. Swap caffeine with herbal coffee and teas.
When we’re feeling the pressure, we often turn to caffeine-laden drinks like coffee to keep us pushing through. Unfortunately, caffeine is a stimulant that increases anxiety and perceived stress. To stay alert without the anxious jitters, swap caffeine with beverages like green tea or matcha which boosts serotonin, our feel-good hormone. Or, try an adaptogenic herbal coffee.

2. Put it on paper.
Got something on your mind? Write it down. Are to-dos toppling over in your head? Make a list. Not sure what’s troubling you? Put pen to paper and see what comes out. The act of writing gives the brain a chance to unload and release the heavy weight of your thoughts. Simply putting these thoughts onto paper can release pent up tension and worry. Afterward, jot down a few things you’re grateful for, too, and see that you’re far too blessed to be stressed!

3. Set the mood for stress relief.
Feeling run-down, overwhelmed, or burnt out? Treat yourself to some peace. We are creatures of our environment, after all, so why not make your environment as calm as you’d like to be? Light a candle, turn down the lights and put on some relaxing background noise (alpha waves are best for stress relief).

4. Supplement with natural stress relievers.
Fight stress from within by supplementing with natural herbs and supplements.

Kava kava: helps you catch restful zzz’s.

Lemon balm: calms an anxious mind.

Ashwagandha: improves the body’s resilience towards stress.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: essential for total body health – and relieving anxiety.

Cannabidiol: oral CBD can reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep issues.

5. Laugh it out.
You know the feeling you get after a side-splitting, cry-inducing laugh? That is the feeling of healing. Laughter is truly medicine – it extinguishes stress and anxiety, boosts our energy, and even makes our immune system more resilient. So, call a friend and reminisce on old shenanigans or put on your favorite comedy and prepare to laugh the stress away.

6. Spend time with a loved one.
Spending time with our friends, family, and even pets does more than simply brighten our day – it can have a long-lasting effect on our mental health. Studies show that when we spend time with our friends, especially giving and receiving hugs and cuddles, our bodies release oxytocin, a feel-good hormone and natural stress reliever. Oxytocin takes our nervous system out of stress-induced “fight or flight” mode and into a state of happy relaxation. Having strong relationships is also correlated with better health, longevity, and happiness, so why not send a thoughtful text to a friend or give your pet some extra love today?

Stop the Stress Cycle Today

At Jupiter, we believe that stress relief should be simple and attainable for everyone. While we may never completely eliminate our daily stressors, there are many small steps we can take towards improving our ability to manage stress and anxiety naturally. These tips are here to guide the way!

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