Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops - Jupiter
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops - Jupiter
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops - Jupiter
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops - Jupiter
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops
Oasis - Organic CBD Calm Drops

USDA Organic

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Lab Tested

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30-Day Risk-Free Trial

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Drug Free


Organic Calm Drops

• Anxiety + stress support
• Fresh mint flavor
• Certified USDA organic
• Full month supply (30 servings)
• Made in the USA in small batches


100% Organic

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Risk-Free Trial

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Drug Free

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Zero Grogginess

❤️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

📦 Free Shipping + Free Returns

✨ Buy Now. Pay Later. Interest-Free.

100% Organic ✨ Premium ✨ Made in USA

100% Organic  ✨  Vegan  ✨  Cruelty-Free  ✨  No High  ✨  Premium  ✨  Made in USA

Oasis Success Stories

Watch the experiences of people who take Oasis daily.

4-in-1 Stress Support

Experience a peaceful mind and body. It's time to feel your best.

Anxiety Support

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Feel Calm

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Quiet the Mind

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Relax + Restore

Proven Results

👉 Studies show that CBD can help to  improve feelings of anxiety throughout the day, including during particularly stressful events like public speaking.

CBD does this by positively interacting with serotonin receptors in the brain, which regulate mood, stress, and happiness. By optimizing serotonin signaling, CBD can help to lower anxious feelings naturally.

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Leading Quality

Full Spectrum Jupiter Hemp Flowers
Oasis is made from organic Jupiter hemp flowers. No stems, leaves, or fillers are allowed, so every drop offers powerful stress relief.

Advanced Extraction Technology
“Small batch, dual-stage, sub-critical CO2 extraction” is just a fancy way of saying you get everything our plant-based ingredients have to offer.

Stress Blocking Ingredients
Our USDA organic blend of Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Linden, and Lion's Tail helps you to naturally feel calm, reduce anxiety, and quiet the mind.

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Clean. Simple. Effective.

Nature-made products that are better for you and better for the planet.

USDA Organic


No chemicals or GMOs

Made in America


Supporting U.S. jobs



Production & packaging

Cruelty Free


No animal testing ever



Zero animal ingredients



Transparent supply chain

No High


Always keep a clear head

Triple Lab Tested


For quality and purity

What's Inside

Only 8 certified organic ingredients for wildly-effective anxiety relief.


Organic Hemp Extract

Natural stress relief

Magnesium New.png__PID:2a465e97-a254-4f25-8b2c-01015a60e59b

Organic Coconut Oil

Clean and healthy carrier oil


Organic Peppermint Oil

Fresh and natural taste


Organic Hemp Terpenes

Improves effectiveness


Organic Lemon Balm

Boosts mood


Organic Tulsi

Supports calmness


Organic Linden

Promotes relaxation


Organic Lion's Tail

Improves stress response

What’s Not Inside

Discover our leading standards for quality and purity.

No Meds

No Hemp Isolates

No Chemicals

No Fillers

No Heavy Metals

No Pesticides

No GMO Plants

No Hemp Oil

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Fragrances

Let Our Experts Help

Questions? Our in-house customer support team is here to assist you.

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Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm PST

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Email Us

Need support?
We're happy to help!

Why We Made It

How stress affects each of us is unique, like a fingerprint. Some of us feel overwhelmed, some angry, and many of us simply feel anxious and unhappy. But for all of us, high levels of unmanaged daily stress are unhealthy.

We created Oasis to help block both the mental and physical sensations of stress and anxiety without affecting your energy and focus.

We know you’ll love the results as much as we do. Add Oasis to your daily routine and experience a peaceful mind and body.

Happiness Guarantee

Try it, risk-free. We know you will love Jupiter. But if you're not satisfied, you'll get a full, hassle-free refund.

✨ Free Shipping + Free Returns

✨ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✨ Fast & Easy Refunds

✨ Super Friendly Support

How to Use

Taking Oasis is super easy, only takes a minute, and can be done any time of day.

Shake bottle and fill dropper

Hold under tongue for 60 seconds

Swallow and unwind your mind

Make it a daily habit


We’ve got answers

More questions?
Visit our help center or contact us

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Great product

This product really helps with stress and anxiety. Tastes like peppermint and flowers so depends on whether you like that as to whether the flavor appeals, but even if you don't, it's not bad. Overall, a good product and good price.

Loved them

This works very fast for feeling stress and anxious. I wish I've had these sooner! Very happy with my purchase.

Loved them

This works very fast for feeling stress and anxious. I wish I've had these sooner! Very happy with my purchase.

Amazing Results!

I rarely writer reviews but felt compelled to share my experience with Oasis because it has helped me a lot. After suffering from lots of stress and actual anxiety for the last four years I was at my wit's end. I tried a lot but either it didn't work or it had side effects. One of my friends recommended Jupiter and said it made a big difference for her so I figured why not give it a shot. So glad I did! I feel like a much much happier and balanced person. Thank you very much for taking my anxiety away!

My an anxiety is GONE

Long story short, after trying a bunch of natural anxiety supplements I finally found the winner : ) I've been consistently using Jupiter for 5 months now and feel fantastic. Calm, focused, happy is the best way to describe my new baseline and I can't believe that I'm even saying this after several years of anxiety. If you're prone to anxiety give this a try.

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