Come Back to Nature With Us

Nature is our heritage, but modern life separates us from it. Many of our problems, like sleep issues, anxiety, brain fog, and inflammation are caused by this distance from the natural world.

The solution is in the wild: Nature offers powerful plant compounds that have been proven again and again by modern science.

 We believe that re-connecting our lifestyles with nature can heal our minds and bodies. It’s not about green smoothies or trendy taglines – it’s about a smarter way to think and live naturally.


The Protector Planet

When describing how our organic products felt, we would often say they feel like something is protecting your mind and body from the feelings of stress, inflammation, and pain.

That was when we discovered Jupiter is called the “protector planet” because its massive gravity deflects asteroids so they don’t pummel earth.

So much like how Jupiter, the planet, protects Earth our Jupiter protects your mind and body.

Plus, it’s just a cool name too.

Our Founders

We believe that nature-made solutions can make the world a better place.

Alleviating stress and anxiety, helping people navigate the aches and pains, improving brain health, and getting some amazing sleep are some of the most important ways to improve someone’s life.

When we feel better, we do better. We created Jupiter to help people, and we are just getting started.

Simon / Hieu / Tyler

Best Sellers

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Sleep Gummies

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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Mood & Stress Gummies

Relieve anxiety and improve mood.

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Slow Waves

Sleep Capsules

Sleep deeper and improve sleep cycles. 

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Fantastic Forage

Focus & Clarity Capsules

Optimize all aspects of brain health.

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Gold Spring

Inflammation Capsules

Joint health. Pain relief. Flexibility & mobility.



Sleep Drops

Relax your body & mind. Fall asleep faster.



Anxiety Drops

Feel balanced. Relieve stress and anxiety.



Multi-Function Drops

Strong relief. Aches, anxiety & inflammation.

Day & Night Bundle

Anxiety & Sleep

Experience better days and better nights.




Help your furry friends with stress and aches.

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