10 Natural Remedies to Beat Your Stress

Here are ten easy remedies you can use to overcome your stress.

1. Chamomile Tea

Have you ever experienced a tense moment? Well, we have a solution that can help you to overcome your tense moments, leaving you more relaxed and calm. A cup of chamomile tea helps a lot in such situations. There are certain compounds in chamomile that bind to the receptors in your brain like the drug Valium.

You can also consume chamomile tea as a supplement because it typically contains up to 1.2% apigenin. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia on patients with a particular stress disorder showed striking results. The study showed that patients who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks performed better. The patients showed a significant dip in stress levels as compared to those taking placebo.

2. Green Tea

A cup of warm green tea is often a key kick starter for many people. It is seen that people who begin their day with a cup of green tea cannot function optimally without it. They also notice a significant change in productivity levels when they skip their cup of morning green tea. If you do not prefer coffee or are looking for a suitable substitute, green tea is the ultimate answer. But why is it so?

Green tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine. This compound can help you calm down and relax. Due to this reason, green tea is often taken before going to bed because it promotes an uninterrupted sleep cycle.

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3. Valerian

This is a herbal supplement that works as a sedative to minimize your stress levels. Many times overworking and growing tension from deadline results in insomnia. This is where the sedative compounds in Valerian help you to fight against your sleep problems. The government of Germany has approved the use of Valerian for treating sleep disorders.

The odor of Valerian is nasty, which is why it is not so popular amongst many people. However, there is an option of consuming it as a tincture or a capsule that works just as good. You can try this instead of taking it as tea. You may also combine Valerian with other herbs for an amplified effect.

4. Lavender

If there were one essential oil that everyone could vouch for in terms of its relaxing effect, it would be the lavender essential oil. A study showed that lavender oil aromatherapy helped to calm down the nervous system. It does so by regulating your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. Lavender oil also changes brain waves to a more relaxed state.

5. Lemon Balm

Humans have used lemon balm for many years because it has shown a significant reduction in stress levels. It also works as a potent stimulator for sleep cycles.

A controlled study conducted for healthy volunteers who used 600 mg of lemon balm extract showed positive results. These individuals were more alert and focused than those who took a placebo.

Lemon balm is safe, but some studies show that consuming it in more significant amounts ends up aggravating your stress levels. Thus, it is a smart idea to start with a minimal dose. You can gradually progress with the dosage from there.

Like all other calming herbs, you can combine lemon balm with other herbs as well to have an added soothing effect.

6. Exercise

Why do healthcare practitioners encourage exercise? Besides overcoming chronic medical conditions, is there any other advantage of working out regularly?

As soon as you start working out and your muscle movement kicks in, your brain starts releasing certain chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins can make your mind and body feel calm and happy.

No matter how hectic your schedule gets or how many work meetings you are scheduled to attend, never forget to skip your gym or workout routine. There is a lot more regular exercise that can do, along with helping you to shed those extra pounds.

7. Meditation

Take a deep breath! There are so many guided breathing movements that you can do to decrease your stress levels. To start meditation, you can also check out various videos on YouTube. There are multiple apps that you can use to help you focus your negative energy on breathing.

Make sure that you are making use of the right techniques to meditate to see the desired results.

8. Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant. CBD oil does not consist of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is present in other forms of cannabis. This compound has the ability to make you feel “high.” Thus, without THC, the CBD oil can do wonders for you.

You can find CBD oil in many healthcare pharmacies. Research has shown that CBD oil contains chemicals that tend to decrease stress and tension.

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9. Jasmine

Aromatherapy has always been the top resort for many people when it comes to relaxing their minds after a long tiring day. Jasmine is a popular choice because of its sweet aroma. The relaxing fragrance of Jasmine can, therefore, help you to manage your stress levels with ease.

10. Supplements

Make regular use of supplements to keep your body healthy. A healthy body means a healthy mind that functions well and delivers on time to manage stress. You can use various supplements like magnesium, B12, folate, etc. However, consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements.

Many people live a seemingly happy life. This may leave you wondering how someone can have no worries and zero stress at such times. Well, here’s their little secret that we are about to reveal. It’s humanly impossible to control the amount of stress in your life. But you can surely manage your stress levels. Knowing the art of handling your stress makes all the difference. So practice self-care and be kind to yourself.

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