10 Best Natural Sleep Supplements


Chamomile has been used to fight off sleep issues for quite some time. Many sleep supplements will be made purely from chamomile, or at least include the herb into its mix. Chamomile is also easy to gain access to as it’s now grown and sold all over the world.

Many relaxation and sleeping teas are even made using this ingredient. On top of being used to help you fall asleep, it has a plethora of other health benefits.

Chamomile is also a great sleep supplement to take if you find yourself aching after a long workout. As for side effects, many people have noted that they had no negative effects after using the herb.

Chamomile items like tea are sold in most grocery stores and are relatively cheap. Some relaxation supplements in the form of capsules use the herb to help increase their effectiveness.

Tip: How to Get Great Sleep Naturally

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CBD is a new way to get great sleep and is becoming more and more commonly used, especially in America. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is an all-natural supplement.

Jupiter CBD can be used safely as it contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning it can never get you high or change your state of mind. THC is the compound that has the ability to get you high when using marijuana.

CBD is used to improve stress and when taken before bed can help users fall asleep easier and rest deeper. CBD comes in many forms, but one of the most effective ways to take it is as a CBD oil tincture (check out our shop for more info).

Each CBD product will contain a different amount of CBD, and you should look into the percentage before purchase. Some people who used CBD will need a higher percentage of the compound than others to feel a calming effects.


Alongside chamomile, lavender is probably one of the most well-known herbs for relaxation and sleep. Unlike a sedative that knocks you out, though, lavender is used to help calm you down, which can easily result in your falling asleep faster.

Lavender is traditionally used in aromatherapy and has an extremely soothing smell. Many people have found that using lavender a few hours before bed puts them in a more restful mood. For the best effects, lavender is recommended to be used 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Like many herbs, lavender is often placed in tea, giving you the option of drinking it instead of taking a pill. You can also find many types of lavender sprays that are made to be used on your pillow each night.


Melatonin is more than just an herb or sleeping pill; it’s one of the most vital elements of your sleep cycle. Melatonin is a chemical that your body naturally produces every single day. Sadly, some people find that their bodies have a hard time producing melatonin on time.

What is Melatonin you may be wondering? Melatonin is the chemical that is produced to alert your body that it is time to go to sleep. Without proper melatonin production, your brain won’t know it’s time to settle down, and you will have trouble getting to sleep.

There is a long list of things that can inhibit or slow the production of melatonin. Simply looking at a bright phone screen before you go to bed can signal to your body that it should hold off on melatonin production.

For others, sleep issues like a delayed sleep cycle can make producing melatonin difficult. Generally, melatonin is produced during the evening hours when the sun starts to sink. Your body interprets the amount of light you are taking in to determine when to stop winding down.

Because of the rise of overnight jobs and insomnia, the need for melatonin supplements has risen. Melatonin is now produced in pill, tea, and tincture forms. There are even some foods like melatonin-filled brownies to help lull you to sleep.

These supplements can make the time you need to fall asleep faster and help you stay asleep for longer. To get the full effects of melatonin take it when feel like your not winding down at the end of the day. The amount of melatonin each person will need will depend on their age, sex, and weight – so follow the instructions on the package.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is another herb that can help you fall asleep at night. Valerian Root is native to Asia but is now being grown all over the world thanks to its popularity. Valerian root is commonly found in natural sleep supplements and is even used in teas.

Many people use the herb 30-90 minutes before bedtime to get its full effects. Keep in mind that some people have reported dizziness as a common side-effect from taking valerian root. Pregnant or nursing women should use caution when using this herb as studies are still ongoing on its possible side effects.


GABA is another naturally produced chemical that helps your body to relax. GABA stands for gamma butyric acid and is naturally produced in your brain. GABA’s main job in your body is to calm down your neurons so that you can begin to rest.

If your brain has trouble producing GABA at the appropriate times, then you may feel more restless. Much like with Melatonin, the process of GABA creation can be interrupted or not happen at the times it needs to.

If you find that you’re having trouble falling asleep, then using a GABA supplement may help to calm you down, the supplement will single to your body that it needs to relax and help to quiet down your neurons.

GABA is recommended to be taken in 500 mg doses and should be adjusted as needed to fit your specific body type. Some people have found that GABA helps them fall asleep quickly and helps them wake up less during the night.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is an herb that is extremely popular with parents. Lemon Balm has been used to help children feel more relaxed for years. The herb is used to calm children down and used to fall asleep at night easier.

Since lemon balm is traditionally used with kids, it can be found in a long list of supplements and teas. When using lemon balm, it is recommended that you take around 500 mg twice a day to get the herbs full effects. Lemon Balm tends to be used with moderate sleep issues but always check the package for instructions and proper use.

Adults have also used this herb to help manage daily stress. The herb is also commonly used to flavor many drinks and food items all over the world.

5-HTP & L-tryptophan

5-HTP is another naturally made sleep aid; it also goes by its proper name 5-Hydroxytryptophan. 5-HTP is created from L-tryptophan, which comes from the foods we eat and can be lacking if you have an improper diet.

5-HTP is a by-product of this acid and can help you feel relaxed and balanced. This chemical is used in your brain to help create serotonin. Serotonin is the feel-good chemical that helps us to feel happier.

Serotonin is also used to help your body in producing melatonin. A lack of serotonin means your body will have trouble making melatonin at the end of the day. Without serotonin, many people will find that their biological clock becomes unhinged.

We naturally gather 5-HTP from the G. simplicifolia plant’s seeds. Thanks to this, 5-HTP is used to make plenty of relaxation supplements. Many people who used 5-HTP before bed have stated that it was easier for them to fall asleep.

L-tryptophan is also available as a supplement and can be commonly found at most health stores.


Glycine is an amino acid that is both synthesized by the body and obtained from food. Glycine is a huge part of your body’s daily functions, and by balancing glycine levels, you may find that going to sleep is a bit easier.

In fact, Glycine is another important factor in the production of serotonin, which, as mentioned above, helps your body produce melatonin. Glycine has been used as a sleep supplement and in some trials, was shown to help your body temperature drop. Keeping your body cooler has been long connected with getting a better night’s sleep.

You can get glycine naturally from eating from eating high-protein foods such as eggs. Consuming high-protein foods throughout the day is recommended, as eating close to bedtime can keep you awake for longer. Glycine has also been made into ingestible supplements that you can take around bedtime.


Magnesium is an element that is important to your body’s daily functions. Sadly, many people don’t take in the amount of magnesium that their body needs. While this doesn’t cause too much of a problem for many, some people need an extra boost of magnesium in their diet.

Some studies have suggested that sleep issues can be linked to a magnesium deficiency. Because of these findings, many people have started using magnesium supplements to try and help their bodies sleep patterns get back on track.

Magnesium is also linked with helping the brain produce GABA, which also can benefit your sleep cycle.

Magnesium is also used to help people to reduce their stress. Since magnesium is naturally used in the body, there doesn’t seem to be any issues with long term use but always follow the recommended serving sizes and instructions.

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