10 Guided Meditation Scripts for Stress

Meditation for Stress

Dealing with stress is often a heavily overlooked health issue, yet nevertheless one that can be very serious. Exposure to prolonged stress can lead to to feeling down and stressed.

These guided meditation scripts are designed to be used either by people leading a meditation class or individually. You can record yourself reading one of the following scripts and then have that recording guide you through the process.

Although not all the scripts mention this, it is recommended that you practice meditation in as comfortable a position and setting as possible. Ideally, choose a space that is safe for you (like your bedroom, perhaps) and either practice these lying down on the bed or the floor or sitting on a pillow (for added support).

Guided Meditation for Quieting the Mind

Begin by closing your eyes and bringing an awareness to the breath. Breathe in deeply and feel the air fill your lungs. Take in a cleansing breath and as you exhale, let out all the negative thoughts you’re accumulated during the day.

Continuing to breathe, I want you to begin imagining a snow globe. This snow globe is your mind. I want you to shake it as hard as you can and count backwards from ten. Ten, nine, eight… [pause]

On one, I want you to stop shaking the globe and watch the snow begin to settle. These are your thoughts. As the snow in your imaginary globe begins to settle, so do your thoughts and you let go of any stress that the day has caused you. Like the globe, you are now still. As you look at your snow globe, a great sensation of peace begins to fill your lungs as you breathe.

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Guided Meditation for Finding Calm

I would like to begin by asking you to take a deep breath. A healing breath that fills your body with fresh, new air. As you breathe, begin closing your eyes and allowing your mind to wander. Take an exercise of the imagination with me and try to visualize what your most peaceful self would look like. Do you see them? Good. Now gently begin to fill them in. What are you wearing? Where are you? Do you notice any distinctive smells or sounds where you are?

Are you inside or outside? Is it night or day? As you look around, I would like you to continue taking deep breaths. Focus on the calm and stillness of this image. Try to remember it, like you’re engraving the picture in your mind. Try to focus on how you are feeling in this image and what is making you feel this way. Visualize holding on to that inner peace as your eyes begin to open and you begin coming back.

Guided Meditation for Releasing Tension

We begin by taking in a deep breath and lying down in a comfortable position. Your feet can be on the ground or your legs can be stretched out long. As your eyes begin to close, you turn your attention to the crown of your head and allow it to relax. Feel your head grow heavy and the ground rise up to support it.

Slowly, I would like you to take a trip down your body. Feel the muscles in your neck relax [pause]. Feel free to move your head a little if you feel this might help. Next, allow your shoulders to relax and grow heavy [pause], then your chest and upper arms [pause], and then finally your belly and lower back. [pause] when your lower back has released, bring your attention to the lower arms and hands and allow these to soften as well. Next, travel slowly across the hips and feel them grow heavy [pause], the thighs [pause], knees [pause] and the calf muscles. Imagine someone giving you a lovely leg massage and descend gently over the ankles and all the way down to the feet. As your feet begin to relax, remind yourself this:

“I am free”.

Guided Meditation for Inner Strength

Find a comfortable seat of your choice. Allow your eyes close gently and bring your hands either in your lap or on the tops of the thighs. As you take in a deep breath, try to visualize it traveling down the spine and straightening it out. Sit up a little straighter as you breathe out. Gently, bring your shoulders back and your chin up. Imagine there is a porcelain teacup on the top of your head. We need to be careful so as not to break it.

I want you to focus on the posture of your back. Imagine your spine is one smooth, straight arrow, pointing upward. To find this, I would like you to reach within and grab onto a spark of strength. As you find that inner strength, I would like you to sit up a little straighter, letting that spark straighten your back and give you support. Feel this inner spark light up your body like a shield. Protecting you and allowing you to move forward. Breathe in again. A deep breath. Imagine it going down your spine. How does that feel?

Guided Meditation for Fear

Begin by grabbing hold of a soft pillow, blanket or even a cuddly toy. Find something that gives you the comfort you crave right now and let it inspire you to carry through with the rest of this practice.

Allow your eyes to close in the knowledge that you are safe and protected. No one can hurt you while you are here. You are safe. As your eyes begin to close, allow your breath to deepen. Bring your soft object right to the middle of your chest, right above your heart and give it a big squeeze.

Put all the fear and any negative thoughts you might have in that hug and imagine you are pushing them out as you breathe out. Breathe in again and give your soft comfort center another big hug.

Recognize the safety and stillness inherent in this moment and hold on to it. It is this safety that will guide you through the rest of your day. It is this place of safety that will help you find the strength to walk on.

Sit here, breathing and hugging as long as you like. When you finish, try to hold on to that sense of comfort.

Guided Meditation for Anger

I humbly invite you to say some affirmations with me.

“I am kind.”
“I am loved.”
“I am safe.”
“I am strong.”

Next, I would like you to close your eyes and visualize a ball. Focus on details, like how big is this ball? And what color is it? This ball in your mind is made up out of all your anger, which is why I invite you to take everything that is making you angry and push it into this ball.

Bring your hands out and grasp the ball. With the ball of anger firmly in your hands, I would like you to take a deep breath in and then let it out through the mouth. Again. Breathe in and then let out a lion’s roar with which you push that ball out. Again. Breathe in. Lion’s roar. Do this as many times as you need until the ball of anger has disappeared completely from your mind.

When you feel at peace, take one more deep breath and let it out gently through the mouth. Then allow your eyes to open.

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

Try to bring yourself to a place of stillness. Find a position you are comfortable in and begin to breathe deeply. As you breathe, I would like you to pay attention to what thoughts are coming up. Don’t start thinking about them, don’t let yourself get caught up. Just notice them and continue to breathe. I want you to visualize these thoughts like fish in an ocean. Each thought is a tiny minnow.

As you continue breathing, I would like you to zoom out a little and see the part of the ocean these minnows are in. Are they in the middle of the ocean or close to shore? What is the water like? Are there waves or is the ocean still? What time is it outside?

Not forgetting to breathe, I would like you to zoom out even further, until you can see the entirety of the ocean. Until you could trace its outline with a crayon. What shape is the ocean? And what do you see around it? Are these islands in this ocean? And what does it look like from afar?

As you zoom out even further, I want you to bring your attention to the planet on which this ocean is. Is it Earth or perhaps some alien planet? What colors does it have and how big is the ocean from here?

As you zoom out even further, I want you to imagine the galaxy of this planet, is it big or small? Bright or dull? And what is its name? When you have the name of the galaxy on the tip of your tongue, I want you to open your eyes and breathe in and out one more time.

Guided Meditation for Panic

Take a moment to close your eyes and bring attention to your breathing. Breathe in as deeply as you can and then slowly let it out. Breathe in through the nose and then let it out slowly through the mouth.

As you continue to breathe, take a moment to notice what is happening in your body. Are you straining in any way? Are you experiencing any tension in one particular area? Focus on the areas that seem sore and the things that stand out and say them out loud.


Now, take positive action. If you’re straining in some area of the body, then gently allow yourself to stop. If a joint feels stiff then wiggle it out a little, allowing it to relax. Find a place of stillness and bring your awareness back to the breathing. Now focus on what you just did and do the same for your mind. Identify the area that is sore or in pain and wiggle it out. Take positive action to rectify that. Gently go through your mind until there is nothing wrong. With one last breath, slowly open your eyes.

Guided Meditation for Excessive Stress

Begin by taking a gentle breath in and then slowly letting it out through the mouth. Allow your eyes to close gently in the knowledge that you are safe. I would like you to find a place of stillness and comfort. It can be real or imagined, as long as it makes you feel good. I would like you to describe it to me.

What does it look like? [pause]
Are there any smells that stand out? [pause]
How about any sounds? [pause]
Take a moment to notice what this place feels like. [pause for five seconds]

Good. Now, I would like you to catch this place in a snow globe and set it down in your mind. Can you do that for me? Put the globe somewhere easily accessible and come back to it whenever you’re feeling stressed, angry or in danger. Hold on to this inner calm as you continue to breathe and gently open your eyes in the knowledge that you will always be safe there.

Guided Mantra Meditation for Stress

We will now go through a series of mantras to help you find your way out of a stressful situation. Repeat after me, as loudly or as quietly as you feel necessary.

“I am strong.”

“I am worthy.”

“I am afraid. But my fears do not own me.”

“I am stressed. But my worries do not define me.”

“This is only a bad moment. Bad moments pass, just like good ones.”

“I am enough.”

“I will get through this.”

Repeat these mantras as often as you like and remind yourself of them whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Ideally, you can combine any of the above practices as you see fit in order to experience a place of stillness and calm. Remember, the practices can be as short or as long as you like.

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