15 Simple and Effective Stress Relievers

1. Exercise

We all know that exercising releases certain chemicals in our bodies that make us feel good. Therefore, no matter how occupied you are, you should come up with a workout plan for you that you can stick to regularly.

2. Take Supplements

Many supplements help you feel more relaxed because they hold stress-reducing properties. However, you should always consult a physician before taking supplements. You can try lemon balm, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, chamomile tea, Kava kava, Valerian, etc.

3. Indulge In Aromatherapy

There are many scents that are soothing because they have a very calming effect on the human mind.



Ylang ylang


Roman chamomile





4. Caffeine Intake

You have to observe the caffeine dose that your body can tolerate if you want your intake to suit your body. Caffeine increases stress levels for many people. However, it may sort out stress management issues for many.

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5. Pen It Down

Letting out your feelings always work. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should maintain a journal or log where you can pen down your feelings. This works especially well when you have a peak stress hour.

6. Chew Gum

Chewing gum promotes blood flow to the brain. Another good thing chewing gum does induce a sense of wellbeing because they encourage brain waves in a way that is found in relaxed people.

7. Invest Into Quality Time

Studies show that reaching out to your friends and family to spend time with them reduces stress levels. If you invest in quality time, your brain releases a chemical called oxytocin. This creates a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing to help you overcome stress.

8. Laugh It Off

Laughing means happiness, and happiness is all you may need to get you through a bad wave of stress. There is also another thing that laughing does. It helps relax the tensed muscles of your body.

9. Do Not Procrastinate

If you keep delaying work or other responsibilities, they will ultimately lead to a lot of od stress. Work piling is an awful stress inducer for many people. Too much workload makes them feel overburdened, which further decreases productivity levels.

10. Learn To Say No

If there is something you feel you do not want to do, it is better to say no rather than having regrets over it later. Moreover, many people feel overwhelmed when there is too much work dumped onto them. Thus, it is better to say no instead of reaching a burnout point from where there is tough going back.

11. Join A Yoga Class

Yoga helps in practice breathing. There are many yoga poses that help your body and mind relax. Moreover, during yoga, you focus a lot on breathing, which is super healthy for your stressed-out mind. Meditating is also an essential part of yoga, which helps your muscles to feel more relaxed.

12. Cuddle More

Indulging in positive physical contact, such as hugging and kissing, can help to decrease cortisol levels and boost oxytocin. This can help lower your stress levels.

13. Music Helps

Music is your sole companion when it comes to sad moments. Thus, if you feel stress out, you can listen to the soothing music of your choice. Another genre of music that helps out of a lot of people with stress problems is slow-paced instrumental music.

For many people, piano solos are also a great way to burst through the stress bubble. You may also find relief in playing instrumental music. This creates a positive connection between the muscles and mind that helps you to feel better and divert your mind from the tension around you.

14. Take Deep Breaths

Start by focusing on your breathing pattern. Try to bring a change in the way you breathe because this in itself can make a huge difference in your overall stress levels. There are various breathing techniques that help to calm down your body and your brain within a few minutes.

You may find several breathing exercises as you browse, such as karate breathing—however, a few simple steps to start with include.

Tip 1: Take a breath in through your nose and pay attention to the air to fill your belly. Slowly count to three and inhale. Hold your breath in for a second, and then slowly release your breath through your nose.

Tip 2: Take a breath in through your nose while imagining that you are inhaling a whiff of peaceful and calm air. Next, you have to feel the air spread out through your lungs. As you exhale, feel the tension and stress being extracted out of your body with the breath.

15. Hang Out With Your Pet

Pets are the favorite of many owners. Just patting them for a few minutes and hugging them can help you get rid of your stress issues.

You Can Manage Stress

As you go on with your life and grow up, you will face all sorts of challenges in your life. They can be major or minor problems that build onto a lot of stress. You cannot always control the issues that are arising in your life. However, you can always take relevant steps to have a more proactive approach rather than having a reactive approach.

There are many health problems that have a predisposing factor of stress. They are aggravated by stress, and then they worsen as your stress levels increase. Therefore, it is always important to keep your stress levels in check.

For this reason, we will be talking about a couple of effective ways that you can use to lower your stress levels. These stress management tips will help you get started.

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