3 Best Healing Meditation Scripts

Healing Meditation

One should never underestimate the power of a good meditating session for setting right the wrongs. Meditation is a great practice not only for becoming more mindful or relaxing, but also for healing, both the body and the mind.

The ability to find stillness allows us to look more or less objectively at the things causing us suffering and angst, and study our fears and insecurities, in order to get over them.

This article proposes to give you a few short meditation scripts that only take 5 minutes or less and that you can practice pretty much anywhere and at any time, to heal.

Healing Script 1 for Aches

I want you to search through your body and find the hurt. It’s okay, you can approach the hurt and it won’t make it worse. This is an objective space. You are detached and free of any pain in this moment. I want you to visualize the pain in your body and gently roll it up into a ball, can you do that for me? Good.

Let the ball of pain spin faster and faster in front of your eyes. It will try to break free of your grasp, but you must hold on to it. Don’t let it go until the very last inkling of pain has adhered to it.

Do a brief sweep through the body. Is there any lingering unease or discomfort? If there is, grab unto it and pull it towards the ball. Once your body is free of any pain, begin to let go. Feel your fingers relax around the ball, as the ball begins to drift away from your body. If you like, you can help it along by giving a gentle push. See the ball get fainter and fainter, watch it fade into the distance until you can no longer see it.

Notice how you feel now. Do you feel anymore pain?

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Healing Script 2 for Negativity

I would like you to gently close your eyes and draw attention to your breath. Take a deep breath, the deepest you’ve taken all day. Breathe in through the nose, then hold it for a moment at the top of your chest, and then let it out through the mouth. Again. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Good.

As you breathe, begin to notice certain aspects in the air. Do you recognize a certain sweet smell in the air you breathe in? Or maybe you’ve just opened a window, maybe the air you’re breathing feels particularly fresh. Let it fill your nostrils, your throat, your lungs.

Let this air that you breathe stand for every good thought, for every nice thing you’ve experienced. With each breath, try to identify one positive thing in your life. It doesn’t need to be something big. Maybe a flower you saw on your way to work or the way the sunlight feels on your skin in summer.

Pick one good thing for every breath you take.

Hold it.

And then begin to let it out slowly. For each exhale, I want you to identify one thing that is making you suffer. Like before, it can be small or significant. Pick a bad thought or suffering for each breath you let out. Visualize that thought leaving your body along with the air. Watch it escape from your lungs, your throat and then push it out through your mouth.

Now breathe in another good thing.

[you can loop this for as long as you like]

Healing Script 3 for Heartbreak

Lie down on your bed or come to a place of comfort. If you choose to sit through this practice, bring yourself up on a pillow or a soft chair. Let the world around support and nurture. Find space.

As you come to this place of comfort, begin to close your eyes and focus on the breath. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take deep, cleansing breaths and with each breath, feel the sadness leaving your body. There. Breathe in. [pause] Breathe out. [pause]

As your body begins to relax, I want you to repeat this mantra to yourself:

“It is OK to feel sadness.” [pause]

“It is OK to feel sadness.” [pause]

“But things will get better. [pause]

Good. That’s good. Repeat the mantras a little louder this time. “It is OK to feel sadness.” [pause]

“It is OK to hurt. [pause]

“But things will get better.” [pause]

Excellent. I would like you now to stretch out your arms. A big, juicy stretch, like you’ve just woken up. Stretch and fill your lungs with air. As you breathe out, bring your hands in and give yourself a big, reassuring hug.

Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are good and worthy of affection.

Stretch out again, an even larger stretch this time. Bring your hands as far as they can go and let your heart shine forward. Feel the light caress your chest, your skin, feel Nature coming up to embrace you as well. And then let it out, bring your hands in and give yourself another big hug.

Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are good and worthy of affection.

Good. Now I want you to count down from ten very slowly. I would like you to take in a deep breath on each number.

Ten. Let it out. Nine. Let it out. Eight. Let it out. Seven. Let it out. Six. Let it out. Five. Let it out. Four. Let it out. Three. Let it out. Two. Let it out. And one. Hold and let go.

Open your eyes now and repeat the mantras one more time:

“It is OK to feel sadness.” [pause]

“It is OK to hurt. [pause]

“But things will get better.” [pause]

Feel free to modify the above scripts any way you feel would benefit you. We truly hope these help you find some inner healing.

PS: For serious pain, please always consult your doctor.

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