3 Best Guided Meditation Scripts for Relaxation

Guided Meditation to Relax

Meditation is an excellent way to become more mindful of your surroundings, as well as of what is going on in your body, both spiritually and physically. Meditation is practiced all across the globe by people of all ages to help them find a little relief from day-to-day stress and to help them relax after a long day.

The following scripts can be used both by individuals and in group settings. You can even record these for yourself and then listen to them for a quick, guided meditation session.

Meditation for Body Relaxation

Lie down either on the ground or on a bed. It is important that you feel safe where you are. Bring yourself to a place of inner stillness and when you’re ready, begin to close your eyes. Trust that your mattress or floor is there to catch you. Release any negative thoughts and anxieties accumulated over the day. Watch as, one by one, they begin to drift upward and leave your body behind.

Feel a certain heaviness in your back, feel it hold you down as the stress of the day floats upward and you become light as a feather. Slowly, I want you to bring attention to your breathing. Take big, cleansing breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

Gently, I want you to bring your attention to your toes. I’d like you to visualize a pair of invisible hands gently massaging your toes and your feet. Find relaxation and feel your feet grow light and soft. Let the massaging hands travel up slowly, relaxing your ankles, and then your calves. Bring attention to your knees. I want you to pay particular attention to the knee joints and wiggle your knees a little bit. Feel them relax and grow heavy, sinking slowly toward the ground.

Relax your thighs, then slowly relax your hips. There is a lot of tension in the hips, so make sure you move around a little, maybe even arch your back if that feels good. Gently relax your belly and chest and feel your spine sinking. Relax your arms all the way down to the tips of your fingers.

Lastly, take in a cleansing breath and as you exhale, feel each muscle in your neck relax and loosen. Float up toward the crown of the head and bring your mind to a place of stillness. Now breathe. In and out. Stay here for as long as you like.

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Meditation for Mental Stress

Lie down on a hard surface, such as the floor or the bed. Feel the ground rise up to meet your back and feel your spine supported. I would like you to take a moment to focus on your breathing. Take a big breath, the biggest breath you’ve taken all day and feel your chest expand with it. Feel the air fill you until there is no more room for air, then let go. Gently, slowly. Imagine the air leaving your body is a dark cloud made up of all the bad thoughts and things that made you angry during this past day.

Breathe in again, fill your lungs with air and then visualize the bad. Pick one thing that made you angry today and imagine you’re breathing it out, pushing it out of your chest slowly, like a cloud of poison.

Breathe in the good, fresh air and bring one hand to your belly. Feel it rise up with the air and then, pushing down ever so gently, begin to let out your breath. Slow. steady. Pick something that irritated you this time and choose to let it go.

Do this for as often as you feel necessary, and remember that this is a choice. You are choosing to let go of the bad and let in the good.

Breathe in.

Meditation for Relaxing a Stiff Body

Lying down comfortably, I want you to close your eyes in the knowledge that you are protected and no harm can come to you here. There is nothing that can make your pain worse, only things that can make you better.

Take a moment to notice your breathing. Is it stilted? Do you breathe just enough to survive or do you really fill your lungs with air? I want you to take one such breath, let it fill your body until there is no more room and then gently let it out. Remember to breathe throughout.

Taking in another deep breath, I would like you to bring your focus to the part of the body that’s hurting you. Take a second to really notice how you feel. The muscles, the bones. Move that part of the body around a little bit. Is there a position that makes it better? Find what makes you comfortable.

Still focusing on that part of the body, I want you to begin visualizing the pain and gently roll it up into a great big ball. A red ball. A sad and painful ball. As the ball begins to spin more rapidly, the pain grows worse. Before we let the ball spin any further, I want you to be ready to catch the pain when it’s at its worst. I want you to catch it and let go.

Ready? See that bright red ball spinning faster and faster until it’s out of control. Feel the pain rise steadily. Here it comes. A little more. Catch it!

Now gently let it go. Watch as the ball rolls away from you and the part that was hurting slowly begins to soften and grow heavy. Relax. Breathe in and feel that fresh oxygen flow through your body, as it begins to relax and work as a whole, free of pain.

Quick Note

Naturally, if you are dealing with a serious physical pain, it’s advisable to consult a physician, but taking a moment to relax (and bring in some positive thoughts) can do you the world of good also!

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