7 Best Chakra Meditation Scripts

Chakra Meditation Scripts

For some, meditation can be a really easy practice to get into with no one to guide them in particular. But not everyone has this ease, and some of us actually require a guide on our relaxation journey.

This article is for those guides. It can be of use if this is your work, if you guide people in meditation classes and so on, or it can serve if you are trying to make your own meditation guide.

The following scripts will take you around 5-10 minutes to record (try not to rush through them or worry too much about how your voice sounds). Once you’re done, you can play these recordings to yourself to help you meditate and heal.

These scripts will be focusing on healing and restoring the seven main chakras. Since each chakra is associated with a particular aspect of our lives, we will be focusing on those as well in these meditations.

Guided meditation (for all the meditations):

Begin by sitting down, on a hard surface. If the floor is too uncomfortable, try sitting on a mat or pillow. Sit up with your back straight and your hands resting gently in your lap.

1. The Root Chakra Meditation (Mooladhara Chakra)


A blocked root chakra is generally related to stress, often involving career worries and financial dependence (or independence, accordingly). Often, people with a blocked root chakra are overly-concerned with either their emotional or physical well-being.


A blocked root chakra include pelvic or lower back pain, as well as cold extremities and trouble concentrating.


As you sit down, feel the ground rise up to catch and support you. Feel yourself grounded in the earth and watch your worries wash away. You are here now, you are alive and you are cared for. You are protected.

Allow your eyes to close gently as the waves of your worries grow still and subside. Calm waters. Eyes closed. You are safe. Take a deep, long breath. Feel it in every inch of your body. Visualize your breath as it travels through your nose, down your throat and into your lungs. Feel your chest expand as the breath filters through your lungs. Feel the air go down into your belly, your pelvic bone and thighs. Let your things grow heavy and your spine to ground.

Continuing to breathe, travel down with your breath. Visualize your journey. Throat, lungs, belly, lower back and into the spine. Focus on the end of your tailbone and see your root chakra. The bright, red chakra staring back at you. Watch as the red light grows larger, expands across your lower back. The red light is warm and soothing.

Feel the red light, like a supportive hand on your lower back. Let the red light spread across your lower back and heal. Ground down into your root chakra and rise up slowly from the base of your spine.

Travel upwards with that healing, red light. Open your eyes and feel the light wash through your body. Outside, nothing has happened. Inside you, your root chakra glows.

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2. The Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana Chakra)


The Sacral Chakra is closely intertwined with our pleasure centre, our overall satisfaction and sexuality. A blocked Sacral Chakra can also signify difficulties accepting new people or experiences into our lives.


A blocked Sacral Chakra manifests itself primarily in the reproductive organs, the kidneys and the bowels.


Close your eyes and allow the earth to rise up to catch you. Feel yourself in the present moment and know that you are loved and supported. Visualize in your mind the stillness of the earth, the perfectly smooth line that you are sitting on. Let that line become your horizon and your freedom. At this moment, you are free.

Slowly, with your eyes closed, begin to visualize a large orange right below your navel. Sweet or sour. Imagine the delicious juice inside this orange. Imagine the taste filling your mouth. Let the orange grow and the details grow blurry. You can not see the orange clearly any longer.

Instead, you watch as the bright color slowly dissipates into an ocean, turning the light waves orange and bright, like the sun.

Watch as this ocean gently spreads out through your body. Feel the waves run down your thighs, into your calves and all the way down to your toes. Watch as the gust of water rushes up your spine and begins to fill every inch of skin, runs down your arms, fingers and up, all the way to the head. Feel the sweet taste of the water once more flood your mouth.

The water flows warm. The waves have your back. You are free like the ocean within you.

You are free.

You are free.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)


A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra signifies a lack of control and confidence. Often enough, when our Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked, we begin to doubt our worth, opinions and achievements.


This chakra is located in the stomach area and can cause issues with the liver, pancreas, digestive tract or even skin outbreaks.


Close your eyes and feel your lower limbs grow heavy and still until you can no longer distinguish between them and the earth you’re sitting on. Instead, turn your attention to the bright, yellow flame in your solar plexus, right beneath your ribcage. Your epicentre. Visualize your inner sun and see it burst into flames.

What you see is your passion, your center, your inner fire. As the fire grows, so does your power. Like a lion, your teeth grow sharp and bold as the fire within you spreads. Like an eagle, you begin to soar in the sky, high above this earth that only a moment ago grounded you and held you captive. Visualize yourself breaking free, see yourself tearing your body and spreading your wings.

Feel the power flood your every pore as you glide through the sky. You are an eagle and a lion, all wrapped up in one. Feel the mighty roar rise up within you. You are strong. On the count of three, you will let out this roar.




4. The Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)


A blocked Heart Chakra is reflected in the people you surround yourself with. Often, you will seek out toxic relationships or even push people away from you. Your Heart Chakra is closely associated with your ability to love and feel empathy.


Physically, your Heart Chakra is situated near the heart, but can manifest itself as problems with the immune system, the respiratory and circulatory system also.


Bring your attention to your breathing. Focus and visualize the air coming in and out of your lungs. Slowly, expand your breaths so that each time, you take in a little more. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

As you do this, feel your body relax. Feel your limbs grow heavy and grounded as you breathe.

Visualize the ground and notice a bright ball of green energy at the very base of your spine. Emerald-green, this ball is the most beautiful jewel you have ever seen. Like a child, you reach out your hand and gently wrap your fingers around the green ball. As slowly as you possibly can, begin dragging the ball up along your spine and towards your heart. This jewel is for your heart.

As you rise up along the spine, repeat to yourself this affirmation:

‘I do not take this jewel out of jealousy, for I am generous. I do not take this jewel for myself, because I am loved. I take this jewel for my family and friends, because it will delight them as it delights me. I am loved and this jewel proves it.’

Repeat this to yourself and each time, take the jewel a little higher along your body, until you reach the heart.

‘I do not take this jewel out of jealousy, for I am generous. I do not take this jewel for myself, because I am loved. I take this jewel for my family and friends, because it will delight them as it delights me. I am loved and this jewel proves it.’

When the jewel has reached your heart, bring your focus back to your breath. With each breath, see the jewel grow a little bigger. With each exhale, watch it become a little brighter. You are growing this jewel so that everyone in your life can have a little. Your friends, your family. Everyone.

Breathe in. breathe out. Watch the jewel expand.

5. The Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi Chakra)


A blocked Throat Chakra manifests itself through an inability to speak. If you have trouble expressing your thoughts or conveying your feelings, then your Throat Chakra might be in trouble. Alternatively, if you’re weighed down by a secret, your Throat Chakra can become blocked.


Problems in the Throat Chakra show up in the throat, vocal chords, teeth, thyroid and respiratory system.


To open your Throat Chakra, you’ll need a lot of air. Opening up your Throat Chakra is easy. You simply need to breathe in and out. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. In and out. Take ten deep, long breaths. Count them in your mind.

In, out.


In, out. When your lungs have become filled with air, begin slowly going down through your body, starting from the top of your head. As you go, imagine each muscle relax and let go. Let go.

Let go in your mouth. Let go in your throat. Let go in your chest. Let go in your belly. Let go in your hips. Let go in your thighs. Let go. Once your entire body has relaxed, slowly travel back up to your throat. Visualize your Throat Chakra. You see a blue spinning ball at throat level. As the ball spins, you see it glowing and expanding. The ball grows and spins faster and faster. It draws energy. All the energy that you were holding in your muscles has gone into this blue ball.

Bright blue ball.

The more the ball grows, the more relaxation you feel in your throat. The more you can breathe in. When the ball grows too big for you to hold on to, let go. Feel all the pent-up energy inside that ball expand and flow through your body. You can now open your eyes. You can now breathe.

6. The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra)


The Third Eye Chakra is rooted in your thinking mind and sense of being. A blocked Third Eye Chakra manifests itself in feelings of pointlessness, lack of direction and even paranoia.


Physically, you may experience headaches and sinus pain.


Bring your attention to the top of your head. As you sit, feel your forehead grow light and your thinking mind fall quiet. Let any worries and thoughts fall silent, as you slowly breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. As your lungs become filled with air, your body slowly begins to relax, starting from your head all the way to your toes. Feel your lower body grow heavy and your upper body grow light as a feather.

Feel the freedom and the air flow through your limbs and all the way into your forehead. Feel your forehead grow cool and weightless. Slowly, as you rid yourself of all thoughts and worries, begin to visualize a small purple ball at the centre of your forehead. This is your Third Eye. as your two normal eyes are closed and sightless, your Third Eye begins to expand and grow, accumulating more and more energy as it goes.

See this purple ball glow and grow larger, but not heavier. Your Third Eye is also light as a feather. As the purple ball begins to push against the edges of your forehead, feel it push against them and then burst open. Imagine the purple energy of your Third Eye flowing freely through your body. Head, throat, chest, belly and legs, feel them all drenched in this wonderful purple energy.

As you open your eyes, feel your Third Eye light and heal.

7. The Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara Chakra)


The Crown Chakra is directly connected with how much beauty you can see in the world around you. A blocked Crown Chakra can manifest through feelings of stress and being overwhelmed.


Exhaustion, headaches and sleepiness are the most common symptoms of a blocked Crown Chakra.


As you feel your body relax, you begin to picture a beautiful flower bud on the top of your head. Breathe slowly and with each breath, begin to see this flower a little clearer. It is a baby flower. Breathe. It is a lotus flower, but it is closed. Continue breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth.

As your breath grows deeper and steadier, you notice the lotus flower on the top of your head begin to bloom and open. Breathe. See the petals expanding and the lotus flower begin to shine. As you breathe, a dim violet light begins to shine through the lotus. See that with each breath, the violet light becomes a little brighter. And a little more. Until the whole room becomes bathed in violet light and the crown of your head can barely contain it. You will take three more breaths and then release the violet light.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Now let go. See the bright violet light flow through your body and the lotus flower sit majestically atop your head. You are healed. Open your eyes and see the world through this warm violet light.

You can practice chakra meditation when you feel stress but you can also do them when you’re feeling fine, to boost the wellbeing of your chakras. Balanced and opened chakras allow us to lead a happy, balanced and open life.

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