Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter
Sunshine - Natural Mood & Stress Gummies - Jupiter

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Drug Free


Natural Mood & Stress Support Gummies

• Naturally supports a healthy stress + anxiety response
• Clinically-proven results
• Patented, all-natural ingredients
• Strawberry saffron flavor
• Made in the USA in small confection batches

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Risk-Free Trial (1).gif__PID:45ed48e5-ec8e-4445-953e-c9949bcbe54d

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Zero Grogginess


❤️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Natural ✨ Premium ✨ Made in USA

100% Natural   ✨   Vegan   ✨   Cruelty-Free   ✨   Non-GMO   ✨   Premium   ✨   Made in the USA

Patented & Clinically Proven Results

A large clinical study has shown that patented Safr’Inside™  Saffron helps with stress management, contributes to emotional balance, and helps to promote a feeling of calm and serenity. It's also proven to be effective within 30 minutes.

New scientific studies show that Saffron has statistically similar effects to Fluoxetine, the main pharmaceutical drug used to treat anxiety and depressive syndromes. Even better, these benefits are obtained without any side effects.

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4-in-1 Mood & Stress Support

Address your mood and stress right where they start. It's time to feel your best. (5).gif__PID:465ea31d-45ed-48e5-ac8e-3445153ec994

Healthy Anxiety Response

wired-outline-1584-smiling-mouth (1).gif__PID:b801b913-cda6-4c48-83b7-bbe098be3e29

Reduce Stress + Elevate Mood

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Feel Balanced

Why it Works

Patented Safr’inside™ Saffron
Discover the only saffron extract in the world that is micro-encapsulated for optimal freshness, sustained release in your body, and better bioavailability. It’s clinically proven to help improve mood, reduce stress, create emotional balance, and promote calm and serenity. Patented Safr’inside™ Saffron features 25 active organic plant compounds for powerful results.

Clinically Proven Organic Sensoril® Ashwagandha
Multiple clinical studies show that Organic Sensoril® Ashwagandha extract helps boost cognitive health, improves mental well-being, and reduces stress levels. It combines both certified organic Ashwagandha leaf and root for maximum efficacy.

Unparalleled Quality Standards
We spent years developing the highest-quality mood and stress gummy in the world: Sunshine is carefully crafted in small batches in the USA and only made with all-natural, science-backed, single-origin ingredients. We also follow the strictest GMP guidelines for purity. Better quality means better results.

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Free Shipping

Free Returns

Risk-Free Trial

Friendly Support

Clean. Simple. Effective.

Products that are better for you and better for the planet.

100% Natural

No chemicals or GMOs

Made in America

 Supporting U.S. jobs


Production & packaging

Cruelty Free

No animal testing ever


Zero animal ingredients


Transparent supply chain

Science Backed

Proven ingredients

Lab Tested

For quality and purity

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What's Inside

100% natural ingredients for proven mood and stress support.


Safr’Inside™ Saffron

Improves mood & reduces stress
Patented & clinically proven


Organic Sensoril® Ashwagandha

Boosts cognitive health & improves well-being
All natural & clinically proven

What’s Not Inside

Discover our leading standards for quality and purity.

No Meds


No Chemicals

No Fillers

No Heavy Metals

No Pesticides

No GMO Plants

No Solvents

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Fragrances

Let Our Experts Help

Questions? Our in-house customer support team is here to assist you. (11).gif__PID:ff3a7214-6187-4f6c-83b7-7c8cb7b5afbb

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm PST (13).gif__PID:7d003118-bb1f-4454-b681-f07869a546a9

Email Us

Need support?
We're happy to help!

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Why We Made It

We were tired of both low-quality, mass-produced gummies that don’t work and the side effects of medications. So we set out to combine modern science with nature’s most powerful plant compounds. The result is a unique gummy made in small batches right here in the US, using cutting-edge plant extraction methods and confection craftsmanship.

We made Sunshine for you, for us, and for everyone who believes that taking care of mental health is as vital as physical health. Our gummies are not just a product; they’re part of our promise to provide a cleaner, more natural way to live a balanced and joyful life.

Sunshine offers you a bite of natural tranquility in the uncertainty that is modern life. A clean and effective way of managing life’s ups and downs. We’re here to help you find your sunshine, even on cloudy days. Welcome to a new way of living, where mood management meets the purity and power of nature.

Happiness Guarantee

Try it, risk-free. We know you will love Jupiter. But if you're not satisfied, you'll get a full, hassle-free refund.

✨ Free Shipping + Free Returns

✨ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✨ Fast & Easy Refunds

✨ Super Friendly Support

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We’ve got answers for you

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
I love it!

I have been taking the Jupiter Sunshine gummies for several weeks now. I loved the flavor when the first time I tried the gummies, but I didn't notice the first few days if they were working or not. Slowly over time, I can feel that it actually boosted my mood a LOT and made me more bright and bubbly every day. Now, after almost three months I can confirm that these work incredibly well, once you let the effects build up. The product is awesome for clearing clouds on days clouds hang around you. Very delicious and 100% natural, this one is a winner.

Mary Richards
Better than Prozac for me

I’ve been feeling amazing, motivated and energized since I started taking this. It’s similar to Prozac but without the side effects. The flavor takes a little getting used to. It has a strong saffron taste.I’m also taking Lavela (lavender pills) for anxiety, so I think it is having a synergistic effect with the happy worms. I’m so glad to be feeling better without the side effects of medications.If you’re depressed and have anxiety, I highly recommend Jupiter and Lavela. Also try to incorporate a little exercise routine every week. I set small achievable goals for myself so I don’t get overwhelmed. If you need additional emotional support get a pet. Ask your doctor to write you a note saying that you require an emotional support animal to help you and you won’t get evicted—in California.

Delicious and works great

Ok, I went into this totally skeptical that a "piece of candy" was going to effect my mood but I was desparate to try something. I was tired of being mad all the time, constantly, for no reason what-so-ever. About to explode over every little thing, all the time practically lol. Hated feeling like that.Fast forward to now. About a month later. Man how I wish I'd known these had been around. For me, it really didn't take but a day to start to realize that I hadn't gotten mad or even really irrated all day. That was a very odd feeling. Odd in a good way as it'd been so long since I knew what that felt like. So, I continued and have gotten through an entire week of work without feeling stressed, mad, angry or anxious. Really a first for me in a very, very long time.While I can't say this would work the same for everyone, as I don't know, but, for me, it's been amazing and I'm so glad I got it. My energy level has also been a bit off the charts as compared to how I was just a month ago. I was very lazy, moody, tired, bored, just uck feeling all the time. I'm noticiably not now and really can't sit still for too long. Like I was before. Not even close. For starters I'm writing a review. I don't generally take the time to write reviews.Taste is GREAT and benefits are GREAT, I couldn't be happier.

Melanie Collins
Long time Jupiter customer + LOVE THIS NEW PRODUCT

First of all, thank you for including me in the early access for this product, I am so happy I purchased this. It's a wonderful gummy which helped me rapidly and noticeably improve my mood and emotional well-being. I am taking one gummy per day and have been using it for about 4 weeks, with great results in week 2. Love your brand and love your exceptional customer service.

Easy 5 Stars

Best mood supplement I've ever tried and bonus points for being a tasty gummy :)

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