Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter
Gold Spring - Inflammation Support Capsules - Jupiter

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Drug Free

Gold Spring

Natural Inflammation Support Capsules

• Joint health + flexibility + mobility
• 100% natural & plant-based
• Clinically-proven ingredients
• Full month supply (60 slow release capsules)
• Made in the USA in small batches

All Natural (4).gif__PID:5ea31d45-ed48-45ec-8e34-45153ec9949b

Risk-Free Trial (1).gif__PID:45ed48e5-ec8e-4445-953e-c9949bcbe54d

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Zero Grogginess

❤️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Natural ✨ Premium ✨ Made in USA

100% Natural   ✨   Vegan   ✨   Cruelty-Free   ✨   Non-GMO   ✨   Premium   ✨   Made in the USA

Proven Results

Discover the science behind our powerful natural ingredients.

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👉 A double-blind controlled-trial showed that the Curcumin in Turmeric Root can help to reduce inflammatory activity as well as an NSAID within 6 days.

Leading Quality

Nature-Made, Science-Backed
We only use organic ingredients that are proven in multiple studies. Expect clean products that actually work.

Single-Origin Sourcing
For every ingredient, we spend a lot of time finding the single highest-quality grower to ensure consistency.

U.S. Made in Small Batches
Our products are carefully crafted in America. We follow the strictest GMP guidelines for purity and quality.

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4-in-1 Inflammation Support

Address inflammation right where it starts. It's time to feel your best. (25).gif__PID:78920944-fea5-4865-a862-d4b56bd875a5

Joint Health (26).gif__PID:b6789209-44fe-4588-a568-62d4b56bd875

Aches Support (27).gif__PID:b0b67892-0944-4ea5-8865-6862d4b56bd8

Flexibility + Mobility (28).gif__PID:70b0b678-9209-44fe-a588-656862d4b56b

Muscle Health

Clean. Simple. Effective.

Nature-made products that are better for you and better for the planet.

100% Natural

No chemicals or GMOs

Made in America

Supporting U.S. jobs


Production & packaging

Cruelty Free

No animal testing ever


Zero animal ingredients


Transparent supply chain

Science Backed

Proven ingredients

Lab Tested

For quality and purity

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What's Inside

100% natural ingredients for wildly-effective inflammation relief.


Fermented Whole Turmeric Root

Inflammation support

Magnesium New.png__PID:2a465e97-a254-4f25-8b2c-01015a60e59b

Fermented Ginger Root Extract

Stiffness & aches support


Turmeric Root Curcuminoids

Potent antioxidant


Micronized Trans-Resveratrol

Mobility & muscles


Bromelain (Pineapple Extract)

Soft tissue support


Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Improved bioavailability

What’s Not Inside

Discover our leading standards for quality and purity.

No Meds

No Heavy Metals

No Chemicals

No Fillers

No Animal Products

No Pesticides

No GMO Plants

No Solvents

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Fragrances

BioShield™ Capsules

Better bioavailability means better results. Our advanced capsule technology ensures that your body absorbs ingredients at just the right moment. 
🌿 100% vegetarian capsules

🌿 Optimized release & absorption

🌿 Protects ingredients naturally

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Let Our Experts Help

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Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm PST (13).gif__PID:7d003118-bb1f-4454-b681-f07869a546a9

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Why We Made It

Gold Spring was created for one reason: to offer a powerful, all-natural solution for managing your inflammation. The damaging effects of inflammation on the body are wide-ranging. Joint health, mobility, aches, discomfort, and even mental health are all affected by our levels of inflammation. We needed a product that effectively addresses these concerns without creating the side effects often associated with traditional options.

Gold Spring is a testament to our belief in the power of nature to heal and support the body. It’s for anyone seeking a natural way to manage inflammation and live a more active, comfortable life. We’re excited for you to experience the difference Gold Spring can make.

Happiness Guarantee

Try it, risk-free. We know you will love Jupiter. But if you're not satisfied, you'll get a full, hassle-free refund.

✨ Free Shipping + Free Returns

✨ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✨ Fast & Easy Refunds

✨ Super Friendly Support

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Customer Reviews

Based on 402 reviews
Ericka Aanstad
Seriously life changing

I work at a computer all day and very early in my career developed tennis elbow. It's a pesky pain that creeps up from repetitive activity. It limited me from working out, it hurt to work at my desk all day, and was beyond frustrated with the medical advice I was given .... I went to PT, had cortisone shots, was on Prednisone BUT nothing worked LONG TERM! I tried these traditional methods for 3 years and eventually just gave up and thought I'd have to either get surgery or live with this forever and apply voltaren or biofrerze daily 🥺😩😵‍💫 one day I was doing some random searches for natural remedies.....I took a chance on buying Jupiter and boy, I'm glad I did. This bottle has 1000% changed my life. $49 vs thousands of dollars spent at the doc and doing PT! I've tried other capsules on but I never seem to feel the full effects on comparison to when I purchase from this company...! If you try this for joint relief give it 2 months of consistency to see if it truly is working for you. I am now taking just one capsule every other day as more of a preventative and to help with other joint pain! Do your research, be your own advocate, and never knock wholeistic remedies! 🙌💪🫵

Teri Soliday Patty
A great supplement! Sells out often because of high demand

I've had pain in my hands for several years; it's worse in the mornings. I've been tested for Rheumatoid and regular arthritis and have neither of those. I've had *very* little of that pain since starting taking this product. I ran out of it over a week ago and my hands started hurting again yesterday. I hope my new bottles arrive soon! :) Please make more, I know the product sells out often because of the demand.

Becky Mitchell
You feel the improvement

I had a routine of putting a heating pad on my back then about an hour later icing it because of chronic pain. I don’t have to do that anymore! The only thing that I changed was using this supplement. I’m hooked & feel great!! My doctor recommnded it, she is taking it herself.

Great for inflammation

It helps with pain in my knee. You must take two everyday and within about four weeks you will feel it working.

Teresa L. Witthuhn
Real relief!

I was looking for a combination supplement to help my joint pain. I have none on bone issues in both knees and shoulders. Actually I was looking for a brand I had read about, but after reading reviews for that one and this, I chose this one. The other was $95 a month as compared to this one, and reviews were poor. After taking this for a few days, I realized that my knee pain was gone! That relief has continued. I am on my second bottle and will use it till it’s not working for me! Worth trying!

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Gold Spring

Inflammation Capsules

Joint health. Pain relief. Flexibility & mobility.



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Gold Spring


Gold Spring