Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules
Fantastic Forage - Focus & Clarity Capsules

Fantastic Forage

Natural Focus & Clarity Capsules

•  Brain health + memory + cognition
•  Caffeine-free + stimulant-free
•  60 vegan capsules
•  Full month supply

❤️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Natural ✨ Premium ✨ Made in USA

100% Natural   ✨   Vegan   ✨   Cruelty-Free   ✨   Non-GMO   ✨   Premium   ✨   Made in the USA

Reserve Success Stories

Watch the experiences of people who take Reserve daily.

Why it Works

Science-Backed + Plant-Based
We only use natural ingredients that are proven in multiple studies. Expect clean products that actually work.

Single-Origin Sourcing
For every ingredient, we spend a lot of time finding the single highest-quality supplier to ensure efficacy.

U.S. Made in Small Batches
Our products are carefully crafted in America. We follow the strictest GMP guidelines for purity and quality.

Mushrooms (1).webp__PID:5a5d9add-6c92-4a3c-8b92-ed93b6dc3137

4-in-1 Brain Support

Family, work, happiness. Living your best life starts with optimal brain health. (14).gif__PID:6728ee73-1364-466a-acf9-d44031075f8e

Focus & Clarity (15).gif__PID:646728ee-7313-4446-aa2c-f9d44031075f

Mental Speed (16).gif__PID:f1646728-ee73-4364-866a-2cf9d4403107

Memory Support (17).gif__PID:56f16467-28ee-4313-a446-6a2cf9d44031


Clean. Simple. Effective.

Nature-made products that are better for you and better for the planet.

100% Natural (4).gif__PID:4d78db53-92ba-4f95-9bc5-3d96d65c3f61

No chemicals or GMOs

Made in America (5).gif__PID:eb4d78db-5392-4a7f-959b-c53d96d65c3f

Supporting U.S. jobs

Sustainable (6).gif__PID:bdeb4d78-db53-42ba-bf95-9bc53d96d65c

Production & packaging

Cruelty Free

No animal testing ever

Vegan (7).gif__PID:a3bdeb4d-78db-4392-ba7f-959bc53d96d6

Zero animal ingredients

Single-Origin (8).gif__PID:b5a3bdeb-4d78-4b53-92ba-7f959bc53d96

Transparent supply chain

Science Backed (9).gif__PID:47b5a3bd-eb4d-48db-9392-ba7f959bc53d

Proven ingredients

Lab Tested (10).gif__PID:9947b5a3-bdeb-4d78-9b53-92ba7f959bc5

For quality and purity

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What's Inside

100% natural ingredients for optimal brain health and performance.


Organic Lion's Mane

Memory & nerve support

Organic Cordyceps

Boosts mental energy


Organic Reishi

Longevity & brain health

Organic Chaga

Free radical protection


Organic Turkey Tail

Clarity & concentration

Quality_Mushrooms_-_Fantastic_Forage (1).webp__PID:5d9add6c-927a-4ccb-92ed-93b6dc313779

Beyond Organic

Our mountain-grown mushrooms define the global standard for purity and potency.

✨ 100% fruiting bodies (no mycelium)
✨ Grown on wood, not grains
✨ Hand-harvested and air-dried
✨ Guaranteed 30%+ active beta-glucans
✨ 20+ lab tests for molds, metals and more

What’s Not Inside

Discover our leading quality standards.

No Caffeine

No Heavy Metals

No Mold

No Fillers

No Bacteria

No Pesticides

No GMO Plants

No Chemicals

No Preservatives

No Fillers

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial Colors

BioShield™ Capsules

Better bioavailability means better results. Our advanced capsule technology ensures that your body absorbs ingredients at just the right moment. 
🌿 100% vegetarian capsules

🌿 Optimized release & absorption

🌿 Protects ingredients naturally

Bio_Capsules (1).webp__PID:9add6c92-7a3c-4b92-ad93-b6dc313779a7

Let Our Experts Help

Questions? Our in-house customer support team is here to assist you. (11).gif__PID:ff3a7214-6187-4f6c-83b7-7c8cb7b5afbb

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm PST (13).gif__PID:7d003118-bb1f-4454-b681-f07869a546a9

Email Us

Need support?
We're happy to help!

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Why We Made It

Goodbye brain fog, hello life. When you’re clear and focused, anything is possible. That incredible feeling of flow is why we made Fantastic Forage.

It combines the wild power of five organic mushrooms in a proprietary blend that helps you feel energized and productive throughout your day.

Fantastic Forage helps you boost focus, mental speed, memory, and concentration. Optimize your brain health and protect your mind for today, tomorrow, and decades to come. 

Science_Jupiter_3 (1).webp__PID:927a3ccb-92ed-43b6-9c31-3779a745dfb0

Tested & Proven

Fantastic Forage's breakthrough effectiveness is no accident: We spent over two years researching and developing this proprietary formula and are very excited for you to experience it.

Our capsules use a new combination of plant-based and science-backed ingredients for optimal brain support. It's an all-natural solution that delivers results. (18).gif__PID:fa234165-1cbb-47f1-919a-abcb78edffbb

320+ studies analyzed (19).gif__PID:d7fa2341-651c-4bd7-b191-9aabcb78edff

240+ clinical trials researched (20).gif__PID:b3d7fa23-4165-4cbb-97f1-919aabcb78ed

170+ people test group

How to Use

Taking Reserve is super easy, only takes a minute, and can be done any time of day.

Shake bottle and fill dropper

Hold under tongue for 60 seconds

Relax and enjoy a peaceful mind and body

Make it a daily habit

Happiness Guarantee

Try it, risk-free. We know you will love Jupiter. But if you're not satisfied, you'll get a full, hassle-free refund.

✨ Free Shipping + Free Returns

✨ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✨ Fast & Easy Refunds

✨ Super Friendly Support

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Fantastic Forage


Fantastic Forage