Why It Works

Every decision we make is about getting you better results.


USDA Certified Organic Farming

This hard-to-get certification guarantees that our plants and farming practices meet the highest purity standards possible.

Proprietary Hemp Plants

Our exclusive hemp strain has been carefully bred for years to achieve the world’s most effective combination of plant compounds.

Single Origin Ingredients

Our relationships with single-origin farmers allow for complete supply chain transparency. This ensures safe and consistently high-quality ingredients.

Lab Test #1

Plant and Soil Testing

All of our plants and even the soil they grow in are regularly tested for dozens of contaminants.


Small Batch

Making Jupiter in very small batches guarantees that we can pay attention to the many details that create consistent results.

Hemp flowers only

The rarest and valuable plant compounds are found in hemp flowers. So we don’t allow any stems, stalks, or leaves in our hemp extract.

Subcritical, dual-stage C02 extraction

A very slow, low-heat, and low-pressure process that retains everything the flower has to offer. It’s also the most gentle and environmentally-friendly method.

Lab Test #2

Hemp extract testing

Every batch gets tested to verify all active ingredients are at max potency before final production.


Organic MCT Coconut Oil

Our organic MCT coconut oil is the base for all Jupiter tinctures. It allows for maximum absorption of all active ingredients.

Freshly-Pressed Organic Peppermint

We skip all added flavors, artificial and natural. Instead, we squeeze fresh, organic peppermint leaves for every batch of Jupiter.

Organic Booster Ingredients

Jupiter Oasis and Dreamland include unique herbal support blends for stress and sleep that boost your results.

Lab Test #3

Product Testing

Every batch of Jupiter is tested for strength and safety by an independent lab before bottling.

Final Touches

Ultra Small Batches

Every bottle of Jupiter is made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. By producing fresh and often, we can also skip all preservatives.

Sustainably Packaged

From our glass bottles and natural rubber tops to our recyclable paper boxes, we always make sure to minimize our impact on the environment.

Final Quality Checks

Before your bottle is shipped to your home, we inspect it by hand to make sure it meets the highest standards. Please enjoy.

Full Transparency

We believe that all supplements should be held to a higher standard of transparency. See our third-party lab results.

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Feel balanced and calm.
Relieve stress and anxiety.



Sleep better and longer.
Wake up refreshed.



Extra strong relief. Pain, anxiety, and inflammation.



Help your furry friends with stress and aches.

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