What is PCR Hemp Oil and Extract?

PCR Hemp Oil

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the definition of PCR Hemp (Phytocannabinoid-Rich hemp), what it actually is, and how it differs from CBD.

A lot of people out there make the obvious assumption that the two are one and the same thing, which is not actually the case.

So, we’ve created this easy to follow article that explains what PCR Hemp Oil is exactly, what it’s supposed to do and just how it differs from its much more famous brother, CBD oil.

What is PCR Hemp Oil?

The abbreviation PCR stands for “Phytocannabinoid-Rich” and refers to the active compounds present in this oil. PCR Hemp Oil is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant and is a golden color liquid that is rich in phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other essential fatty acids.

The Cannabis Sativa L. plant contains over 100 different active cannabinoids, which are the elements responsible for the health effects and benefits of this oil (and indeed, any derived oil)

PCR Hemp Oil is a full spectrum cannabinoid oil whose main ingredient is Cannabidiol (also known as CBD in popular culture), which brings us to the question on everyone’s mind:

Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Extract

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are two very different things.

Hemp oil is made from seeds and contains no CBD and no other cannabinoids. It’s mostly used for cooking. Hemp oil can never be PCR because, well, it has zero cannabinoids.

Hemp extract, on the other hand, is made from the flower (and sometimes stems) of the hemp plant. It includes CBD and other cannabinoids.

What is the difference between PCR Hemp Extract and CBD Oil?

Since the main ingredient in both seems to be Cannabidiol, aren’t the two the exact same thing?

It depends… Many CBD products use CBD isolate, which is only CBD and nothing else.

Then there are a few products like Jupiter Organic CBD Oil which use PCR hemp oil, meaning the product contains a complete extract from the hemp plant with all cannabinoids.

This is also known as full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning the full spectrum of cannabinoid ingredients is still present.

While the main active ingredient and largest part of PCR is indeed CBD, there are dozens of other beneficial active compounds at work in PCR (and in full-spectrum hemp extracts).

In other terms, PCR is the bigger and improved version of isolated CBD and full-spectrum is much better than isolate, because of that.

How so?

This has to do with something known as the “entourage effect” or ingredient synergy if you will. When it’s only CBD, then it gets kinda lonely. It can’t make chit-chat or bounce ideas off of someone, and obviously this affects the overall mood.

In PCR Oil, there’s never any shortage of other ingredients for the CBD to interact with, so it never gets lonely. Furthermore, the other active ingredients in PCR oil work together and boost each other’s properties, making each other more potent and long-lasting.

Full-spectrum CBD extracts like Jupiter work in synergy which creates powerful results.

So while PCR Oil and CBD Oil are in many ways similar, they are still two very different things.

Is PCR Hemp Extract Legal?

Since it is derived from the Cannabis plant, many people worry that PCR Hemp is not legal (since cannabis itself is illegal for recreational purposes in many states). But the truth that you need to remember is hemp is legal across America since 2018. And by definition, so is PCR Hemp Oil.

See, the main issue that the authorities seem to have with cannabis is the THC content. THC, known scientifically as Tetrahydrocannabinol, has potent psychoactive effects, which means it affects the way you think, feel, and behave. Hence the infamous marijuana high and with it, the cannabis ban.

But THC is illegal in the United States only for concentrations of at least 0.3%. PCR Hemp Oil (as all hemp products) contains far less than this, and in some cases, contains zero Tetrahydrocannabinol, so it is perfectly legal for use and possession across the United States.

What are the benefits of PCR Hemp Oil?

What are the main benefits of PCR Hemp Oil? Since we’ve cleared up those differences and have ascertained the legality of PCR Hemp Oil, maybe it’s time we look at what this interesting plant oil is used for.

PCR Hemp Oil is a popular remedy for a wide array of issues, used both for humans as well as some animals, such as dogs. PCR Hemp Oil is useful for:








This is just to give you an example of what PCR Hemp Oil is used for and what makes it such a popular (and legal) relief product.

How to use PCR Hemp Extract?

This greatly depends on the reason you’re using PCR in the first place.

The best way to use PCR hemp extract is to take a tincture sublingually. What does that mean? You simply put the liquid under your tongue, hold it for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow. All done.

Alternatively, you can add it to your diet. It goes great as a salad dressing and to add flavor on certain foods, though bear in mind that it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for boiling oil, as it has a very low burning point.

Overall, PCR Hemp Oil is a natural solution to a lot of things, which is why it has become so popular.

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